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In what may or not be a sweeps week, we here at WMGN bring you this news flash: God Forbid is an awesome band! I’ve just been informed that the news actually broke Saturday night, but this reporter didn’t get the full story until he bought two of their albums (“Gone Forever” and “IV: Constitution of Treason”) and gave them a shake down. Our sources confirm that Coyle brothers, guitarists for God Forbid, have serious guitar skill, and that they should be considered along side any guitar tandem in existence as one of the best. Their sheer riffing prowess and elegant yet agressive leads will surely lead to many hours of listening enjoyment for any fan of metal. Authorities on the scene recommend that any metalhead purchase albums by this band as soon as possible.

Ok, yah, that was lame. No more fake news reporting for me. On a similar yet less talented note, I’ve uploaded some guitar clips I’ve recorded over the past few days. All have included a couple beers at least. Apparently I’m more apt to play when I’m sans sobriety. I honestly don’t remember if the first one is any good. The second one is pretty scatter brained, and if I remember right, my fretting hand was on fire that night, but my sense of time was not. The clip I recorded tonight was pretty quiet and mostly clean until the end, where I kicked on the amplifier’s overdrive, a distortion pedal, and the wah pedal, and had a total Eddie Van Halen moment. You’ll know it when you hear it. There are a few short parts that almost sound like they could have been plucked from “Eruption.” Then again, they might sound like they were plucked out of a steaming pile of dung. You be the judge.

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