Tag, you’re it!

Last night, while reading over some sites, I decided that I wanted to go beyond the somewhat static category scheme that my site has had for a while, and do something a bit more dynamic, like the tagging scheme that sites like del.icio.us have made popular. It was a really simple change on the backend side of things, but it should allow for me to be a little more descriptive in my categorization of posts. You’ll still be able to find the different tags from the dropdown in the menu, but you’ll also be able to see tags via the Tag Cloud. The Tag Cloud is a premise I borrowed from a few other tag-oriented sites that shows visually how usage of one tag compares to the other tags.

To compliment the new tagging scheme, I set up some more neat (read: pointless) interaction with del.icio.us, so that any tags that exist both here and on my del.icio.us page will display an icon denoting the shared tag. The behavior is different based on what you’re looking at, so I’ll leave it for you to figure out. You’re all smart people.

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