Holding pattern

I had another checkup with Dr. Saxe today to check on the status of things right eye related. He proclaimed that things are still stable and looking good. I’m seeing the equivalent of about 20/40, which isn’t bad. I asked him what he thougt the future course of treatment might be, and his general answer was more of the same. He seemed to think that the steroid injections would be the best course of action for the short term, with the possibility of weaning me off of them after a while if things stay stable. It’s just something we’ll have to play by ear. He did mention that I would likely be an opthalmology clinic “lifer” due to the nature of my condition. It’s stable now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t flare up again.

Of course, this may change next week. I’m scheduled for my cataract surgery a week from today. I’m hoping that it will help return some of my sight, but there’s always the possibility it could stir things up and aggrivate the situation. Let’s hope not.

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