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It is my recommendation to all system administrator types to NOT try a direct upgrade from mysql 4.0 to mysql 5.0. It's not a good idea, especially when your tables are still stored in a mysql 3.23.x format. I made the assumption that there would be some conversion utility that would upgrade tables easily. I didn't find one. Had I done a full SQL dump, I might have had an easier time. But no, I just made backups of the data files themselves.

All of this resulted in a large pain in my ass, as I did a full emerge of mysql 5.0 and php 4.4.2 only to find that mysql 5 didn't like my data. So I tried emerging back to 4.1, which worked somewhat, well enough to get things back to a read-only state, but it still didn't like the table format. In response to that, I copied my mysql data directory to another machine still running mysql 4.0, and did a full database dump, like I should have in the first place. I was able to import that dump successfully into mysql 4.1 since it actually blew away all the old tables and replaced them with the same data, only in the newer table format.

So if you happened to see that my website was down last night for around 9 hours last night, now you know why. Be ye not so stupid.

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