T-minus 8 hours

My cataract surgery is tomorrow. One might think that I'd be nervous, but I'm not really. I'm hopeful more than anything. This operation won't be some miracle cure that will make my eye perfect for all time, but I'm hoping that it will at least remove the dirty veil that I've been looking through for some time now. I probably won't know whether things have been successful for at least a few days after the procedure, but waiting is part of the process I suppose.

If I am nervous about anything, it's about the Nevermore/Evergrey/In Flames concert that's coming up this saturday. I'm normally pretty excitable at a good metal show, and this will definitely be a good one. I'm not one of those guys that's in the mosh pit pummeling himself and others for hours straight – I'd rather see the show. I do, however, shout along with the music and bang my head in a manner that would probably look pretty badass if I had hair. Well, since I'll be nursing a damaged eye-bulb, I'll have to have a protective patch, and I probably won't be able to move around too much. Shouting along with the music might not even be comfortable. Who knows. I'm sure it'll still be a good time, but I'll probably have to take it easy.

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