All is well

The cataract removal this morning went fine, and I’m home safe and sound. It was pretty cut and dry for the most part… I believe the procedure started around 8am, and we were on the way home by 9:15. The actual procedure only took about 25 minutes, and it was pretty surreal. I was awake for pretty much the whole time, although heavily sedated. They totally numbed my right eye and everything around it, so even though I was able to look around with my left eye and see the nurses moving around and bending over me, my right eye was totally dead and under the doctor’s control. I remember trying to make mental notes of what I saw through my right eye, but I really didn’t see much, which I assume was the result of the nerve block they used to immobilize things.

Right now my eye is taped shut, and covered with a big bug-eye protective patch with gauze underneath it. I’ve got a follow-up appointment at 8am tomorrow to check everything out, and at that point I’ll get to see how everything looks, both from my perspective and from everyone elses.

I’m not in any discomfort right now, except for some itching caused by the adhesive on the tape. I’m hoping that doesn’t change.

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