I can see!

I had my first post-op checkup for my eye this morning, and the news is good. Dr. Doshi said that my eye was in good shape. After adjusting to the relative brightness caused by removing the eye patch, I strained to score a 20/30 on the distance vision tests with the right eye, which is pretty damned good considering I just had my natural lens removed and replaced with an artificial one. Dr. Doshi feels that my sight will only get better as well.

As far as clarity, it’s really too early to tell. I’ve still got the steriod and Coats’ Disease-induced floaters cruising around, and I still have a general blurriness as well. I would imagine that the blurriness will get better though as my eye heals and everything settles down. I’ve also got a bit of double vision, but it’s really only noticable when looking at things contrasting in brightness. Dr. Doshi says that it’s still too early to know how that will shake out. It’s still early, but thinks things are looking good so far.

I’m also fairly surprised at the physical appearance of the eye. Except for being a bit bloodshot, you’d never know that I just had my eye operated on. I guess I was expecting something on par with my first laser and cryotherapy treatment, which left my eye looking like I fought in a boxing match while having pinkeye. I guess I won’t complain though. At least I won’t be scaring away any more women and children than is normal.

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