Don’t stare at me, you’ve got the bug eyes!


I’ve been wanting to take this picture for a week or so – I just kept forgetting. For those that are curious, those are the eye guards I’ve been given for protection after various eye procedures. They look a lot like bug eyes though.

In other news, I re-upped my subscription to XM tonight. My dad and a co-worker both mentioned that they had revived their heavy metal offering, Liquid Metal, and that I should give it a shot. I tried it out on my dad’s account last night online, and I love it. My biggest gripe about XM was that they didn’t have a good heavy metal station, and now they do. They had a couple hard-rock-ish stations that played metal now and again, but nothing that I would consider heavy. I’ve only heard maybe 5-7 songs that I didn’t like in about 8 hours of listening, and four of them were Slipknot songs. Man they blow. I can’t understand why people like them so much.

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