Nickelback doesn’t suck?

I welcome all comments to my site, even if I don’t agree with them. That doesn’t mean I won’t highlight something I think is hilarious. The following comment was posted to my Nickelback video post last night – a post over two years old.

I dont know wut u guys are thinking Nickelback doesn't suck. U know wut sucks is The people at Portugal aren't very smart..because there are people there who like Nickelback but now thanks to the people who happened to be at the concert ruined it for the people who do like Nickelback.Because now Nickelback wont and shouldn't go back to Portugal.

First and foremost, Nickelback does stink. They’ve gained fame by releasing the same song in about 10 different forms. It’s proven. Second, I have a very hard time listening to points made by someone who can’t spell or use something at least resembling proper grammar. I’m too distracted by things like “wut”, “U”, “at Portugal”, and capitalizing “The” in the middle of a sentence.

To address the point though – you’re right. Nickelback shouldn’t go back to Portugal. They shouldn’t go back to Europe at all. They shouldn’t go anywhere. There’s a reason why people threw rocks at them*. They’re a poor musical act. These people of Portugal saw through the crap that too many Americans believe is actually good music. People who were somehow duped into buying their CDs or concert tickets should be asking Nickelback to live up to their namesake – they should be asking for their nickels back.

*Note: As mentioned in the original post, I don’t condone throwing rocks at anyone, for any reason. It hurts.

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