Jurassic Park all over again

I've documented before that I very rarely remember detail from my dreams. I just woke up from a dream that had me laughing. I was back at my parents' house, which has a large field behind it that's owned by the township, and was recently converted into a park. Jurassic Park apparently. In my dream, there was a very large meat-eating type dinosaur, visually similar to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, trooping around on the far side of the field. I remember being out in the back yard and not thinking much of it, so apparently the four foot high cyclone fence my parents have in the back yard is good at stopping a T-Rex. I remember some incident with it coming up towards the fence and getting all pissed off because it got caught in the power lines. I think that prompted me to go inside.

While inside, I walked into the bathroom to do my business apparently, and I notice that something is trying to wedge the window open. Whatever it is starts to succeed, and I see a head start to emerge. Yep, it's a Velociraptor. So rather than doing something intelligent like grabbing a knife or a very large blunt object, apparently my first thought was to punch the thing. So I start punching this Velociraptor, who has succeeded in getting stuck in the window, with only its head abd neck showing through . The thing I laugh at is look the thing gives me when I start punching it. It rocks it's head to the side and gives a look in a fashion that can only say “Are you daft?! As soon as I get out of this damned window, I'm going to splay your guts open for spite, because that's just the way I roll.” I woke up after that. Apparently I didn't want to stay around to see my guts splayed.

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