Surgical Strike

I narrowly averted a close run-in with being quite unhappy today. I awakened early this moring (*cough*8:30*cough*) to a strange buzzing sound. I was rather perplexed since this isn't a sound normally found in my bedroom. After tiredly glancing around for a minute to localize the noise, I saw the source – a honey bee buzzing against the screen, trying to get outside through the open window. The screen in my bedroom is hardly an impenetrable barrier against things from the wild outdoors, so I figured that it slinked its way around the screen and didn't know how to get back out. So, in order to make the problem go away, I closed the window. Noise blocked by window, problem solved, back to sleep.

Well, about an hour later, I awoke to the same noise. It confused me how the bee could have got out, since the closed window provides a decent seal. The first bee hadn't escaped – another bee got in. I found this rather annoying, but not very conspicuous, since I was still up before my normal time and not really capable of anything beyond “ugh, noise, stop!” problem solving skills. I got a few pieces of Kleenex, and ended the insurgency. So I thought.

I was pretty much done with sleeping after that point, so I got up and started my day. After showering and getting dressed, I went into the living room and went to grab my shoes. I glanced out the window next to the balcony, and there was yet another bee cruising around against the window. I grabbed a flip-flop and gave it the hard goodbye, and started to wonder what was going on. Then I noticed the small horde of bees flying around outside the sophets by my utility closet, which lies next to the balcony. They seemed to be going in and out of a small gap between the wall and the sophet, which probably connects into the utility closet. The closet holds the furnace, and attached to that is the cold air returns – one connects to my bedroom, and the other connects to the living room. The entrance vector was pinpointed, but I had nothing to combat them with.

I planned on informing the complex management on my way to work, but someone else must have noticed as well, because there was an exterminator pulling in as I was walking out. I walked over and talked to him, and confirmed he was indeed there to take care of bees. I escorted him up, and he doused the area with some pesticide. He called it good, and I went off to work.

I had a small worry that dousing the entrance to their new fortification would somehow push them deeper into the closet, and therefore, into my apartment, but that proved nonsensical. I don't see a trace of any bees by the sophets, in the closet, or in my apartment. I don't see any dead bees either. It's quiet. Too quiet. They're probably off in the woods, drawing up plans for a counter-offensive. I'll have to be ready.

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