Newfound comfort

My apartment is now much closer to being considered a normal living space. This past weekend, I picked up a couch and a loveseat that my uncle donated to my cause. They’re maroon leather, and except for one worn cushion and a few nicks in the leather, they’re in real good shape. My uncle smokes, so there’s a bit of a smoky smell to them, but I think a good dose of febreeze will help with that. Besides, I can’t complain much, as they were donated to me. They’ve been in my apartment around 30 hours, and I’ve already fallen asleep on them a few times. I guess I was catching up for lost not-having-couches time.

[New Couches]

Now I need some speaker stands for my surround speakers, and a new TV. My grandmothers both have newer TVs than I do. How awesome is that?

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