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Lightning sucks when it strikes your place of employment, causing you to go to work at 6:45 in the morning, which is 5 hours earlier than usual, and after only 2-3 hours of restless sleep. The details:

The lightning hit the pole in back of the building. It fried the cable on the pole. It blew up our “lightning arrestor” which protects us from lightning strikes. It then traveled through the underground cables in our parking lot, blew off a connector in one of our neighbors transformers, and blew a hole through the insulation in one of the cables, which caused a ground fault. We later found out that it also destroyed our transformer, which almost blew up when they re-energized it. The coolest part is when the ground fault got so hot that it was boiling the water under our parking lot and shooting steam through the cracks. It also lifted a 10 x 10 foot concrete pad a few inches into the air (steam pressure).

The surge also tripped just about every circuit breaker in the datacenter. The redundant power systems (UPS and generators) behaved as they should have, but they're not much good when the circuit breakers between the power systems and the servers are tripped. All in all it was a very hectic and stressful morning. Totally awesome. Not.

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