One might say that I’ve sold my soul

I’ve become one of the countless hordes – the white-earbud-wearing hipsters. Yes, I purchased an iPod. I can now expect a thorough ribbing by Phil, Alex, Shelby, and all of the other people who are Apple zealots cult members fans that I’ve chided for their blind loyalty to Steve Jobs and company. I will not be one of the mindless zombies in the Apple army though, so don’t even try. I can already hear the suggestions – “now that you bought an iPod, you should get a MacBook Pro! And a Mac Mini! And a lifetime subscription to ‘Steve Jobs is my personal savior’ magazine!” Slow down. I don’t need any of those things. I would probably take a MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini if they were given to me or purchased at a reasonable (read: not full) price. And I would immediately purge OS X from said machine. Every time I’ve used OS X, it’s driven me bat shit.

Speaking of annoying software, I’m not happy that I need to use iTunes to interact with my iPod. I see it as a necessary evil, much along the lines of paying bills. I don’t want to use it, but I will if I have to. It has already struck me as slow and incompetent, and I’ve only used it for around two days. When importing all of my music into its library, it didn’t seem to realize that it was creating duplicates of every song I own in its internal data store. Apparently, when reading existing playlists, iTunes is not intelligent enough to realize that it’s already imported the song directly from scanning the MP3, and imports the song again. This leads to duplicates in the library, and also caused full copies of the duplicate copies to be synced to the iPod. I have around 14GB of music, and I found it quite strange when iTunes said my brand new 30GB iPod was nearly full after the upload. It was only then that I realized what happened, and had to change the permissions on all of my playlists to make them unreadable to iTunes so it would import things properly. I would think that there would be some sort of internal validation that would prevent duplicate library entries that point to the same file, but I guess my common sense is not found in the heads of Apple’s design team.

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