It’s been a while, so I’ll bring everyone up to speed. I’ve had a busy last week, in my terms anyway. I had another eye checkup on tuesday, and it confirmed something I’ve been noticing over the past few weeks – my sight is getting foggy again. This time it’s a membrane behind the new implanted lens that is starting to fog up. The pre-op videos and information packets mentioned that was a possible side-effect, so I can’t say I’m surprised. They seemed to downplay the risk though. From what I could gather from Dr. Saxe’s words and inflections, it was is less a question of ‘if’ it will be a side-effect, and more of ‘when.’ Well, I guess when is now. He seemed pretty optimistic that the haze could be blasted away with a simple five-minute laser procedure, but I’ve heard that before. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s kinda hard when everything they’ve done seems to have a short-term benefit, with a subsequent regression in the not-so-long term.

Wednesday and thursday I demonstrated once again that I have little regard for schedules, clocks, eating, or sleeping when I get started on a project and want to see it through. I put in 16 hours at work on wednesday, and another 14 on thursday. I can say that I accomplished phase one of my goals, which is good. Phase two, three, and whatever number I decide to count up to are stil quite distant in their completion, so hopefully I won’t be tempted to do any marathon sessions. That’s a good thing, since I was pretty much dead on friday, with a nasty headache I can only attribute to lack of sleep.

The weekend has been a good one though. Yesterday (saturday) I cleaned up the apartment some, and then went with Jon to see the Shadows Fall concert, which was located in Detroit’s sweaty asshole – Harpos Concert Theater. More on that in a later post. Today my family and grandmothers came up for a belated birthday dinner and giftgiving. Much good steak was had by all. My parents surprised me with gifts, which I’ve stated more than once aren’t really necessary for my birthdays anymore, but they brought them anyway. I can’t say I’m disappointed though. They bought me a gas grill, all the various utensils to go with it, and a nice grilling tutorial/recipie book. I’m no ace in the kitchen, so I’ll need all the help I can get. I’ve been meaning to get a grill since I moved out of vegetarian hell and into my own place, but my tendency to procrastinate won out once again. Mom and dad came though where I fell short though. Thanks mom and dad!

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