Land of Confusion

Just about anybody that was alive and listening to the radio in the mid-to-late 80s knows the song “Land of Confusion” by Genesis, and to a lesser degree, knows its video. I remember watching it with my dad, and cracking up because of the funny puppets they used to portray all of the people in the video. The funniest had to be the Pete Townsend puppet. (Well, I think it’s Pete Townsend.) It’s one of the few videos that’s ever stood out in my mind as being really cool while staying on topic with the subject matter being discussed in the song. Here’s the video in case you’ve forgotten, or never seen it.

The reason why I mention all this is because I recently stumbled across the video for a cover of this song by the band Disturbed. I have very mixed feelings regarding them, mainly because they’re a Nu-Metal band, and a good portion of their stuff is really simple and boring. Their singer, David Draiman, also has some really annoying vocal tendencies, namely his monkey-grunting sounds that he puts in between lyrical passages. If he were to lose those annoying vocal tendencies, he could be a very good metal vocalist. He’s got the requisite angry vocal sound, yet he’s very clear in his delivery and has a decent range. The rest of the band also has glimmerings of talent, but they also seem to let it slip away when new-album-time comes around.

My first thought was that Disturbed had no business covering the song, let alone making a video for it. I decided to take a look at it after reading a few positive comments about it, and I have to say that I’ve shifted my view. After hearing their cover of it, the song actually seems like it was written for their playing style. They have a somewhat herky-jerky rhythm style in a lot of their songs, and the synth bassline of the original was easily converted into a metal riff of that same style. The song retains the same vibe, yet it seems perfectly at home with metal feel instead of an 80’s pop feel. They even throw in some vocal harmonies at the end of the song, so maybe there’s hope for them after all.

The video for the song is also quite cool. They took the song’s concept and applied it to the modern day, where it still fits very well. Here’s the video, for your viewing pleasure.

I guess I think it’s neat that they covered the song somewhat well, and made a video that’s modern and referencing our time, but still holds true to the original song. Am I out to lunch?

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