Vacation is fudamental

Everyone needs vacation. Even me. One might think that I don’t because I don’t seem to vacation enough, but I do. That’s one reason why this week rules. I’m free from work, free from its stresses, free from dealing with stuff I would rather not deal with.

My vacation actually started later than planned due to said things I would not deal with, but not by much. I was planning on leaving for Cincinnati to visit Jon and Michelle friday night, but I got caught up with some important last minute stuff, and had to postpone the journey until saturday. It was all right though, as it gave me some time to get some things taken care of that would otherwise be postponed.

The trip was a lot of fun. After I got down there saturday evening, Jon and I got totally ripped with a few of his neighbors while sitting on their driveway in lawn chairs. We talked a lot about music of various timeframes, which was really neat since they were a bit older and had some different insights and perspectives. After his neighbors hung it up for the night, Jon and I must have spent a good hour and a half listening to music out in my car. Mostly we were marvelling at Dragonforce, and wondering how people could keep up such an insane pace without falling over dead.

Sunday involved a lot of lounging about, and not a whole lot past that. We rented “The Devils Rejects” and watched that. We had all heard surprisingly good reviews of the movie, and figured it would be a decent movie to rent. It was a pretty good movie as far as scary flicks go, but nothing I would really have any need to see again.

Monday was the coolest day down there by far. After another slow start to the day (requisite for vacations in my book), Jon and I did something we both have wanted to do since he moved down there almost two years ago – check out the Air Force museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. I visited it with my family many many moons ago, but have no memory of it other than getting a SR-71 poster and a space shuttle book from the gift shop. Well, I’ll remember this visit a lot better. I took my camera, and took as many pictures as my batteries would allow. We saw all the planes we would have expected there, including the beforementioned SR-71, and a few that we wouldn’t expect to see. They had a YF-22 there, which I believe is a prototype for the F-22 Raptor that will come into service sometime within the next few years. They also had a B-2 there, but it may have just been a mock-up or a prototype. I can’t imagine the Air Force (or the taxpayers) would be too keen on stuffing a billion-plus dollar plane in a hangar, only to rot away under the constant glare of camera flashes.

After we got back from the museum and had dinner, Jon and I decided to play some pool, and that quickly involved into many games of pool. At least 10. We used up the beer in his fridge during those many games and did a lot of reminiscing about times long past, which was pretty cool. Afterwards, we decided to hop on the internet and look for people we used to know on MySpace (one of two good uses for that piece of crap site). We had a pretty good time doing that, and stayed up until at least 6am hunting people down.

I came back home yesterday, and I’ve been taking it easy at home while enjoying my lack of work. I head up north tomorrow for our annual cousin’s weekend, which should be a lot of fun. It’ll be hectic due to the sheer number of people involved, which is one of the reasons I’m only shooting for a three day weekend. Being subjected to lots of people wears on me rather quickly, especially when there is chatter waking me up long before I want to every morning. Oh well, it’ll still be a lot of fun.

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