There are few things that make me more irate than having to pick up a dropped ball, and then deal with its consequences. This happened to me tonight (yesterday?), and kept me on shift for a solid 18 hours. A ball was dropped on me just as I was getting ready to leave work. To the ball-dropper's credit, he was trying to pick up the dropped ball as well, but the situation was only made worse. This was after the ball had been kicked around on the hot dirty ground for a week. Yes, a week. Because of this, our customer was completely irate, and I don't blame them one bit.

So, to all you potential ball droppers out there – listen up. DON'T DROP BALLS. If you do happen to drop the ball, PICK IT UP.

That is all.

Edit: I feel as if I misrepresented one thing during my frustrated rant. The person whom I recieved the dropped ball from didn't really drop it. He merely handed it off to me, but it was a completely unexpected and untimely hand off.

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