I’ll leave you to figure out that acronym.

It’s been a busy week and a half. I was up north from last thursday to sunday for the second half of my vacation, which was a lot of fun. It was kind of hectic, but that’s expected due to all of the people around. Alex and I weathered a fierce thunderstorm just as we were coming out of Lansing, which made the first 45 minutes of the trip slow going. The light show was amazing though. We got up to the cottage thursday night around 1AM, only to find that everyone else had fallen asleep. Not exactly what we were expecting. So we made the best of it, and unpacked the beer we brought and headed out onto the beach to have a few under the stars. The seeing wasn’t very clear due to the humidity, but it’s still an amazing sight to see so many stars. I never get sick of it. Living around the city makes the sight that much more spectacular. We also saw what we’re pretty certain was a display of the northern lights. We thought it was city-glow from Cheboygan at first, but it seemed too luminous and stretched way too far out over the lake. That belief was strengthened by our observation of ‘tendrils’ of light eminating from and receeding to the greater luminous ‘mass.’ It was pretty neat. We got pretty ripped just sitting out on the beach in lawn chairs and talking about this and that and eventually decided that we should just go all out and watch the sun come up over the lake. It took its sweet time, but it eventually came up around 6:30. A few cottage-dwellers had risen by then, and David came down to the beach to watch it with us. A sunrise over the lake is a beautiful sight to behold.

The rest of the weekend is more of a blur, but it involved a lot of lounging around due to the stifling heat and humidity. The lake felt great, but as soon as you would get out, the heat became unbearable. The biting flies were out in decent numbers as well due to a breeze out of the woods. The combination of these factors made for a lot of trips back and forth between the lake and the cottage, without much loitering in between – for me at least. There were a few games of horseshoes played, and for quite a while, I was pretty wretched. I found my stroke eventually, and started averaging points on every third throw or so.

When I got back to work on monday, it was like I hadn’t left. Lots of stuff to do, pressing issues everywhere. Wednesday sucked especially due to the events outlined in my previous post. I planned on taking thursday off due to the long day on wednesday, but something started going haywire with my monitoring stuff that was actually crashing servers, so I had to head into work to squash the bug. I think I found it, which is good. My day off ended being yesterday, for the most part. I did end up going in to work later on, but it was for a much cooler purpose – cleaning out the room that will soon become my office! Whee! I guess that means I’m cool now. Between last night and earlier today, another guy and myself cleaned the office, taped everything off, and put on a few fresh coats of paint to brighten things up. I’ll probably be able to move in sometime in the coming week, which is cool. It should give me a lot more peace and quiet and less interruption.

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