Random acts of kindness

I’m not exactly sure why I’m posting this, but it seems like the right thing to do as I’m feeling rather contemplative at the moment, and can’t seem to turn my brain off so I can sleep. Maybe this will help ease my mind. Earlier on I was having a conversation regarding work stuff with Jake, a former coworker and all around great guy, and conversation evolved to the follwoing topic. It’s just one of those things that makes me think about the little choices we make, and how they affect others, whether we realize it or not. Maybe it’ll make you think too.

Jake: its time for bed methinks.
Mike: shit, did I tell you about Dugald MacTavish?
Jake: name sounds familiar, but i dont think so.
Mike: I'll try to make it quick
Mike: he had a shared account of some sort
Mike: he was an old dude, late 70s or 80s
Mike: just trying to make his website go
Mike: he was the leader of a Scottish clan
Mike: didn't know dick about shit when it came to the internet or computers
Mike: but he knew it was the thing to do
Mike: not too long after I started, he wanted to set up a forum
Mike: didn't know how to do it
Mike: didn't know where to start
Mike: he called up, and asked
Mike: I gave him the general howto
Mike: cpanel had an installer for phpbb
Mike: told him how to use it
Mike: he thanked me, hung up
Mike: called back a while later, couldn't figure it out
Mike: asked if I would do it for him
Mike: I must have been feeling generous, so I did it
Mike: spent an hour installing it, telling him how to work things
Mike: and after that, he wouldn't talk to anyone else
Mike: he would call and ask for me
Mike: if I wasn't in, he'd ask when I was in and call then
Mike: there were more than a few occasions where he would call in at 4am when I was on midnights
Mike: just to talk to me
Mike: he'd ask his hosting questions, then ask how I was doing
Mike: he genuinely cared
Mike: then, probably right about the time you started, I found out he died
Mike: fell asleep in his easy chair one night watching TV, didn't wake up
Mike: the lady that was helping him called and told me
Mike: I shed tears man
Mike: one small act of kindness meant so much to him
Jake: i dont blame you. i liked developing a repore with customers like that.
Jake: it feels good to know that you're helping someone and they genuinely appreciate you for that.
Mike: yah
Jake: thats what i find fulfilling about this kind of wokr
Mike: he offered to send me a case of authentic scottish whiskey once, or scotch, can't remember exactly
Jake: oh wow!
Mike: apparently he had it shipped to him by the truckload because of his status as a clan leader
Mike: I didn't take him up on it
Mike: wish I had
Mike: at least to raise a glass of it in his memory

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