I guess it’s been a while since I posted. It’s amazing how time files when you’re keeping busy. Sadly, most of the activity has been at work, but a few other neat things have happened as well. Last friday, my sister’s boyfriend Jay threw a housewarming party for his new house. Most people there I didn’t know, but he invited my cousins, Steve and Alex, so I had some people to talk to while I had a few beers and found my niche. Alex and I had a repeat performance of our fist night up north a few weeks ago… After everyone else left or crashed out, we sat outside on the patio just talking about random crap and drinking beer until around 5am. It was a good time.

The only other thing that’s really noteworthy is that I bought the DVD set for Firefly on sunday, and after watching all the episodes, I’m left entirely perplexed. First off, this is one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen. It’s premise seems a little cheesy at first – a space western – but once you see it, it really makes sense. IIt’s just a story about people dealing with the same crap we deal with – trying to find work, staying out of trouble, etc. It doesn’t hurt at all that the dialog is very witty and believable, and that the characters are all very well thought out. Just a great show all around.

I’m perplexed because it was canned after 15 episodes. From what I’ve read, FOX completely shit on the show, even though it had a very loyal following. Apparently, FOX didn’t even play the pilot episode, preempted the show regularly, and even played episodes out of order. It just boggles my mind that something so well done could be dumped on so much. I think its safe to say that Phil also agrees with me as well.

Due to popular demand, they were able to make a movie based upon the show, Serenity, and it was very good as well. I like the TV show better though, because you can get into more detail with the story, and take the ideas a lot further. But no, FOX had to crap all over a good thing, and sent it to the dump while absolute drivel like “The Simple Life” is allowed to stay on the air for multiple seasons.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

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