Random stuff

I guess I haven’t been in much of a posting state of mind over the past few weeks juding by the lack of new words being shown around here. It happens. Some cool things have happened recently though, so I guess I could talk about them.

First, I got an office at work. There’s no significant promotion or anything like that associated with it, but it is pretty damned cool. I got the office because it puts me in a position to share my experience with some of the newer guys while they work on servers, which was an area that was lacking beforehand. So that’s good. It’s also good that my office is pretty big, and it has a huge desk. I need to make it cooler still, but it’s coming along.

Another cool thing is that my sister’s boyfriend Jay sold me a nice quality TV. It’s only a 24″, but it has a beautiful picture, modern inputs, and it doesn’t take 10 minutes to warm up like my previous TV. It’s pretty nice to just be able to crash on the couch and watch something, even though I don’t watch TV that much.

Third on the cool list is some cool musical acquistions. I picked up the new Lamb of God album, “Sacrament,” on tuesday, and it kicks all kinds of ass. Lamb of God rocked hard before, but they’ve upped their game. I wouldn’t say that they’d appeal to any metal fan because they have a somewhat prog-ish sound wth lots of rhythm changes, but I like it, and that’s all that counts. Another sweet CD I picked up came at the recommendation of a guy from work – “In The Eyes of Fire” by Unearth. I hadn’t heard any of their stuff before he lent me the CD, but I’ll be hearing a lot more. They are a total powerhouse. Their guitarists play with a fury, alternating effortlessly between groove-laden riffs and frenetic melodies and solos. I’ve only had their CD for a day or so, but it’s definitely one I’ll be listening to for a long while.

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