I’m not dead, I swear.

One might think that since I’ve been offline at home for a few days, I must be dead. Well, I’m not. I started a new Gentoo install on my main workstation monday night, and I’m taking my own sweet time with it. The previous install on it was around 3 years old, and because of that, it had accumulated lots of extraneous junk and just needed to be purged. I should have it somewhat usable tonight, so you’ll probably see me back online tonight, if you really care…

One of the reasons I’ve been taking my time is because I picked up a couple new games for my Nintendo DS – StarFox Command and Tetris DS. I consider the latter a staple for any portable Nintendo system. I had Tetris back on my Game Boy, and there’s no way I could count how many hours I played Tetris. The former seems pretty cool. It has a turn-based strategy component, and a fly-around-and-shoot-stuff action component as well. The only thing I don’t really like about it is that the whole control system is based on using the touchscreen with a stylus. My hands are too big to use that setup comfortably, so I would much prefer using the directional pad.

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