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I had a good holiday weekend. I took it easy friday night, and just hung about in the apartment. Saturday afternoon I headed down to Andre’s in Indianapolis. He was having a get-together for the holiday weekend, and probably his last before he bows out of bachelor-dom officially. We took it easy Saturday night and played some pool and watched football while enjoying some tasty cold keg-dispensed beverages.

Sunday was party day, and we didn’t waste any time, from my perspective anyway. I woke up at my customary 11-something AM, and beers were being dispensed in the 1pm hour. People started showing up around 3pm, and much merryment ensued. Lawn games were played, food was grilled, and good times were had. Also, thanks to some drinking game horseplay and hijinks, I can now truthfully say that I’ve had a beer poured on my head by an attractive girl, if that’s ever a good thing.

In other news, the Gentoo install on my workstation is complete for the most part. I’ve still got some configuration to dink with, but that’s best done for times of boredom. The X configuration I had working flawlessly before the reinstall full-out hardware lockups with the new install, so I had to start fresh. Not a horrible thing, but annoying. I’ve yet to get all the fun hardware acceleration working, so I’m stuck with slow-rendering graphics for the time being.

I’m also thinking that I need to make some time to try to take apart The Bolt and do some maintenance on it. After a few years of playing, the finish I put on the neck has started to get tacky and it has been rubbing away when I play it. There’s a pretty good hole in the finish down near the end of the neck. I guess that’s what I get for using plain furniture-grade varnish. Thing is, I doubt I’ll be able to strip the finish that’s there properly, so I may end up having to buy a new neck altogether and starting the process anew. I also want to redo the electronics in the guitar as well. It’s only been running with one pickup for a while now, and I’d like to remedy that. I like the feeling of the Bolt a lot more than I do my Strat, but its tone is very one-dimensional with only one pickup.

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