Clutch, 9/19/2006

I’ve been pretty busy lately, which is one of the reasons I haven’t written about this show yet. The other is the fact that I’ve been pretty lazy with the website. Not a good formula for timely posting. Oh well.

I was anticipating this show a good deal, since Clutch is one of my favorite bands of late, and I’d get to see them in a pretty intimate setting – the Temple Club in Lansing. I would say that the Temple club could hold maybe a thousand people at most, which is pretty small on the grand scheme of things. I went with a buddy from work, Gene, and bumped into Bryan, a former co-worker, as well.

The first band to play was Year Long Disaster. They were a solid three piece hard rock band with a lot of energy. Gene and I were a little worried when we heard them while waiting in line, but they grew on us as their set progressed. They seemed to have a lot of early hard rock/metal influences in their sound, like Motorhead and Judas Priest, so it wasn’t too hard for me to like. I’d definitely say they were worth another listen. Grade: B

Next up was The Bellrays. They were a bit less in my ballpark style-wise, but their set was a lot of fun. They seemed like a great opening band, because their set was really energetic and they were devoted to getting the crowd pumped up for the headliners. I really don’t know how to classify their sound, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that they were a straight-ahead rock band with a certain amount of punk influence musically. In any case, they were decent, even if not completely in my wheelhouse. Grade B-

Clutch closed out the show, and they did it with a vengeance. I was pretty worried early on, though… After the first or second song, they lost part of the stage power, and it took a few minutes to fix. Neil Fallon seemed pretty pissed, and I had toughts in the back of my mind of Axl Rose and all of his antics, but the power was restored and things progressed swimmingly. Clutch has some pretty rabid fans, and they were present en masse. Clutch ate it up, and gave it back. The TC was a-rockin’! They played most of the songs I would expect to hear, and quite a few new songs as well. Neil Fallon played guitar on a good quarter of their songs, which I found odd. When I saw them a year ago at Harpos, he only played on one or two songs, and they played two full sets worth of songs. I think most of the songs he played on were the new songs, which might explain it. Overall, they were great. Being twenty feet from the stage makes for a great show when the band is on, and they were. Grade: A

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