Ok, I get the dumbass of the day award. I went into my bank today to do all the necessary paperwork for disputing the fradulent charges I found a week or so ago. I filled out the form to get another card sent to me, then I went over to member services to fill out the paperwork to dispute the charges. The lady looked over the charge history for the Meijer that I shop at, which included the questionable charges, and she asks “does that Meijer have a gas station? I see a few $1.00 pre-authorizations here, which normally indicates a charge at the gas pump.”

And then it hit me.

I’ve used that Meijer gas station for gas ever since they closed the Shell by my apartment. I never once made the connection between Meijer and the Meijer gas station during the whole process. Boy, did I ever feel stupid.

A few good things came out of it though. I went ahead and got a new card anyway, since the one I had was pretty ragged, and needed to be replaced. That and not going through a charge-back process that would have ended up with me losing because I did in fact make the charge.

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