Mixed Opinions

I had another eye checkup yesterday with Dr. Saxe yesterday. I’ve actually been trying to move the appointment up due the apparent worsening of my overall sight from my perspective, but his schedule was full. He seemed quite surprised when I told him that I felt my vision was degrading. After looking things over, he said my eye is looking better than it has in a long time, and is in quite good shape considering all of the abuse it has endured. I’m seeing around 20/30 on the standard vision tests, and there’s little-to-no trace of swelling or leaking blood vessels associated with my case of Coats’ Disease. He did agree that the foggy membrane he noticed on my last visit was most likely causing my degraded vision. He put me on track to see Dr. Doshi again for an examination on friday. Hopefully then I’ll be able to line up the laser treatment that will blast the fog away. If everything else is doing well as Dr. Saxe believes, I’m hopeful that getting rid of the fog will help things immensely.

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