For those that are curious, the laser procedure today went off without a hitch. It was actually very short (around five minutes), but I had to wait a good half hour to fourty-five minutes before hand while the dilation drops did their thing, and around twenty minutes afterward so they could take a pressure reading. Oh well. I suppose I can’t complain – there was no need for anesthetic, needles, or steroids. I do have a prescription for anti-inflammatory drops though. But, of course, they had to prescribe something new. I’ve got like 5 bottles of leftover drops from previous procedures that probably could have served some purpose, but no! New prescription for me.

Dr. Doshi says that I should start noticing gradual improvement over the next few days. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but it’s probably something that I won’t consciously see until I do before and after type comparisons. Hopefully the improvements don’t take their time.

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