The Cat’s Meow

Yep, I’ve defintely been rather lax on the posting front. First (and fastest to type) is some eye news. It is definitely somewhat better, but keying on how much better is difficult. I’m not seeing as much glare as before, and I’m starting to see more of the general debris that floats around in there as a result of the Coats’ Disease. I take that is a good sign that the fog is thinning, but it kinda sucks that all of the crap is still floating around in there.

Second up is something more fun, cuddly, and lovable. As of a week ago, I’m now the proud owner of two cats. The were given to me by a coworker, Jay, and they’re some of the coolest cats I’ve ever been around. Most cats are tempremental, grumpy, or just downright mean, but these two are outgoing, friendly, and affectionate. I’ve yet to give them names, but I figure I should do it soon.

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