It seems that I don’t ever take the time to post anymore. I’m sitting here on the floor in this hallway of a hotel in Indianapolis typing this because I’m bored out of my mind, and Bob is asleep already in the hotel room. Since I’m not tired, I’m out here.


I’m down here for my buddy Andre’s wedding. It rained like crazy coming down here, and there were some wind gusts that probably could have blown me off the road if I wasn’t paying attention. Good thing I got the new wipers on my car the other day…

Now onto news… First off, I came up with names for my cats. I liked my dad’s suggestion of Marshall for the black cat, since he’s always sleeping up on my Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinet. Running with the cool guitar equipment names, I called the gray cat Mesa, in honor of Mesa amplification. Now I have to get used to calling the cats by those names.

I also had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Doshi on Wednesday. He said everything was looking good, and my vision tests showed I was seeing a “fuzzy 20/20” with my righteye, which is pretty damned good. I guess that equates to being able to see the 20/20 line with significant effort, as opposed to seeing it at a quick glance. I don’t ever remember seeing 20/20 with my right eye even before the problems started occuring, so that’s something to be happy about. In a related note, I was able to get a pretty good sampling of night-time driving this evening with the associated headlight glare. It still gives me problems, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was.

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