I fail at posting

Wow. It's been like three weeks since I posted last. I think I've had more than five people ask me if I'm going to post again, or whether I'm gong to close the website down. I'm not closing the website down. I've actually been somewhat busy, and things have been somewhat eventful. Combine those with a general lack of motivation for posting, and you get three weeks of inactivity.

Right now I feel like crap. I had some sort of illness late last week, and its remnants have firmly implanted themselves in my lungs, giving me one of my death coughs from hell. I had a splitting headache for most of the weekend because of it. Today my head doesn't hurt as bad since I'm not coughing as frequently. I am, however, coughing more violently, and it seems to be making my throat swell up. Every time I swallow, it feels like I'm trying to swallow a golf ball or something else similar in size. Ugh.

In another sucky occurence, one of my cats, Marshall, broke my good laptop. It's been broken before in a similar fashion, but this time it's really hosed. I had the laptop next to my bed on my makeshift nightstand, and he was sitting on the far side of it. He apparently felt the need to visit, and he tried climbing over the laptop. He planted a paw on the top of the screen and tried pushing on it, and it opened far more than my makeshift repairs would allow it to go, and the plastic around the hinges pretty much disintegrated. The laptop still works, but it's pretty much useless as a laptop though. This has allowed me to convert it into a more powerful and much more compact mythtv frontend than the full-sized machine I had before. I have it set up in a diskless network-boot conifguration, so it can sit right next to my center channel speaker and not be adversely affected. I've still got my old beast of a thinkpad that I acquired from Jon, but I'd sure like to get a new laptop. Perhaps I'll look around after Christmas.

I've got a few more things to talk about, but I feel like laying down for a bit right now. I'll try to touch upon them soon.

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