All is well

Yep, I’m up early, so I can play catch-up today. A week ago, I had an eye check-up with Dr. Saxe to evaluate the progress being made in my right eye. Dispite some issues with the Swiss-made and supposedly infallible examination gear, he was able to see that my eye is doing quite well, and showing no signs of issue at this point. At a ‘normal’ distance, I was able to read the 20/20 lines on the vision tests, but at a closer range more akin to reading a book (or a computer), my vision fell off significantly to 20/80 or worse. This is due to the artificial lens, and completely expected and normal. I’ve got a prescription for glasses that I haven’t done anything with, but I’ve been considering them to help with the issues with reading.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my eye situation. It was looking somewhat bleak for a while, and I was pretty pessimistic about the possibility of being done with the whole situation, at least for a semi-lenghty amount of time. However, at this point, everything has been calm for many months, and it seems I’m getting my respite. Hopefully it’s lenghty.

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