New toys and broken ones.

I’m totally digging my new phone. I haven’t done much in the way of software downloads for it, but I’ll get there eventually. I did install PocketPuTTY, so I’m SSH-enabled wherever I can get the data service or a wifi-connection. I’m also quite pleased that HTC/Audiovox decided to use standardized plugs with the phone, and that Canon did the same with my new camera. They both use the same standardized cable, which is pretty damned nice in my opinion. I was able to buy a couple additional cables at CompUSA, so that I could leave one at work and one connected to my workstation at home. This lets me charge my phone or transfer data between the phone/camera and the computer without disconnecting or transporting cables. Pretty nice in terms of convenience.

I’m totally not digging the fact that my receiver (an Onkyo TX-SR603) decided to take a crap on me over the weekend. When I last used it thursday night, it worked fine. When I went to watch some Star Trek with Jessica on saturday night, it worked less than fine. The monitor video outs, both S-Video and composite, where pretty much dead. No picture at all, even from the internal configuration menu. After much and annoyance, I plugged my TV into the Video1 outputs, which worked, so we were at least able to watch Star Trek. Not a permanent solution though. It’s a good thing that I purchased that product protection plan when I bought the receiver though. I took it up to Circuit City yesterday, and they’re going to send it off to their service center for repairs. If they can’t fix it, I get a new receiver. I’m actually hoping that they can’t fix it, so I can get the newest model of the same class (TX-SR604), which has newer nifty features like HDMI inputs and outputs.

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