My phone rules!

My new phone totally rules. Over the past few weeks I’ve found some pretty neat apps to make my phone even more useful. The neatest could easily be the Google Maps client for Windows Mobile devices. It brings all the features of Google Maps into the phone, and integrates pretty tightly with standard phone functions. For example, I can plot maps based upon addresses for people stored in my contact list, or call businesses that are found via searching. It also can interface with a bluetooth GPS unit and plot your course, or get directions to and from your current location. It’s quite cool.

I’ve also found a full-featured IM client, a weather app, a RSS reader, a media player that plays shoutcast streams, and a newer release of the windows mobile PuTTY SSH client. Combine that stuff with the normal features of the phone, and I can do most of the things I could do from a regular computer. I’ll probably put together a more comprehensive list of the neat stuff I’ve got installed in the wiki somewhere. It seems like it could change a lot.

Aren’t gadgets fun?

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