Bottles and Cans and Bags, Oh My!

[A large pile of returnables]

Judging by this picture, one might think of me as one of the following…

  1. A raging alcoholic
  2. One of those can collector guys that rides around college campuses
  3. A lazy bastard who hates taking back his empty bottles and cans

If you guessed the last option, you’d be right. I hate the prospect of spending time in the bottle return area of Meijer. The place just stinks. I know, if I were to take back my returnables in a timely fashion, I could make the trips much shorter. But if you know me, you know that I’m a master procrastinator, and doing things in a timely matter just isn’t my style.

There are probably close to a year’s worth of bottles and cans piled up near my door right now. I’m hoping to score $100 or more. I’ll probably need to make two trips. Its a good thing I’ve got my iPod. Wish me luck!

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