Fun New Stuff

More news regarding cool new stuff. My old TV has been going south for, well, like 5 years. It used to belong to my grandmother, and it came to me quite a while ago. It’s been getting pretty bad lately, so I decided to take my income tax money and get a new TV. I initially planned to get a new standard definition TV with a digital tuner, but I found a 32″ LCD TV (Polaroid 3211-TLXB) on sale for a reasonable price. It’s got all of the inputs that I was looking for – VGA, HDMI, and Component. My DVD player doesn’t seem to output a good Component signal, so I’m stuck with using S-Video for now. Oh well, I’ll live.

[new TV]

I also need to stop going to eBay. The server I bought is working quite well, but my tendency as an impulse spender could easily get the best of me. I already bought two more servers. One is a dual P3 1Ghz with six 36GB SCSI drives that I bought mostly for the SCSI drives. The other is a Quad P3-level Xeon machine with 2GB of RAM. Having a quad-CPU machine just sounded cool. While I was looking through some of the eBay stores, I found an external twelve drive RAID enclosure that would connect perfectly to the dual P3 machine. I shouldn’t buy it since I don’t really need it, but it would be cool. Someone stop me!

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