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Do the needful

I <3 Polaroid

What a pain in my ass. For those not in the loop, my TV is STILL gone. It's been at the repair shop for two months. It seems that my intution was correct on that one. The shitty part is that the delays are completely Polaroid's fault, and not that of the repair company. I've been in somewhat regular contact with the repair shop, and the story was always the same – they called Polaroid requesting service manuals and part numbers, but Polaroid just gave them the run-around. They never got any of the information or materials they needed to fix the TV.

Apparently, the repair shop will never receive the stuff they needed. In the latest of many attempts, the lady at the repair shop was trying to contact Polaroid to get information, and they sang a different tune. Polaroid told the repair people not to fix the TV, but to return it to me instead. I'm supposed to now call the Polaroid customer service people back and arrange for an exchange or refund. I can't say which I would rather take. If I could somehow get an upgrade, that would be great. I'm not sure if I want another Polaroid TV though… if all of their TVs are of the same quality level, I might want to stay as far away from them as I can.

This apparently affects many people other than me as well. The lady said that she had multiple broken Polaroid TVs at her shop alone that needed to be sent back to customers for the same reasons as mine. I guess that serves as a good warning to stay away from newer Polaroid TVs, especially the 3211-TLXB.

New Car!

As of today, I’m now the proud owner of a new 2008 Pontiac G6 GT.

[Pontiac G6]

I’ve been passively looking around for new cars for a while now, since the lease on the Grand Prix would have been up towards the end of August. I was considering buying the Grand Prix outright, but I didn’t really want to deal with the payments for as long as it would take to get a decent monthly payment. The G6 is a sharp looking car, and the sticker price is a lot less than a Grand Prix, so I thought it would be a good candidate.

I was procrastinating pretty hard over the whole car situation, but I was spurred on by a letter I got in the mail from a local dealership. They were offering a decent incentive, around $1800 off the sticker price, and the promotion also had some prizes up for grabs. That was a good enough incentive to head up there this morning and take a look.

I didn’t win the $10,000 or the home theater system, but I did win a weekend resort getaway, and a couple of scratch-and-win type tickets which could total $3,500 if I were to get lucky. I doubt I’ll be that lucky, but who knows.

I test drove a few of the new G6s, and I really liked the way it handled. The car has a lot of spunk! Lots of pick-up, and it takes the corners really tight. The one I ended up getting has a lot of the same goodies that my Grand Prix had – 6 disc CD changer, XM radio, sunroof, etc. The only thing i’m really going to miss is the heads-up display. I got completely used to it, so going without it will be an adjustment.