Out of boredom-induced creativity, I decided to update the site to incorporate a Facebook/Twitter-like status readout. I can update it from my phone, so I can update the thing even when I’m not around a computer. This way, my mom can see that I actually am alive, but just not in the mindset to post something more elaborate. While I was at it, I made it so the status update process will update my Facebook status as well. I found some code here that made it downright easy.

Since the site only shows the latest status currently, I’ve decided to implement an event log of sorts in order to show the past status updates. This will also show when I add or edit new posts, or when someone comments on the site. I’m going to try to make it so it will update when I add something to the wiki or photo gallery as well, but I dn’t know how easy that will be. There will probably be an RSS feed for it once it’s done.

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