TV Update

I've been going back and forth with Polaroid over the past week, and my TV still isn't fixed. I am making progress though.

I called customer support last saturday, figuring that I could just wait on hold with my bluetooth headset while I was cleaning my apartment. After about 20 minutes waiting in their phone queue, I got through to one of the most clueless support reps I had ever dealt with. I described the situation with all the relevant details – how my TV had died about a month after I bought it, and had been at the shop for two months, and how it was now back at home. I told her that the repair place had sent the TV back to me without making any effort to fix it because they couldn't get any information from Polaroid about parts or service manuals, and that someone from Polaroid just told them to send it back to me. The last point needed some clarification, because she asked me at least three times whether the repair place had fixed it or not. After she placed me on hold for about five minutes, she came back online, obviously unconfident in what she was saying. She said that she had to get in contact with her supervisor, and that he would call the repair shop for ther confirmation of the events, and then call me back, most likely on monday. I thanked her, and set off for more waiting.

Monday came and went with no call from Polaroid. I called them back on Tuesday and had to completely reexplain the situation because there was no record of my call on saturday, or of the promise to give me a call back. I explained what happened, and the girl I talked to was utterly unconvinced that the repair shop was being honest with me because “Polaroid would never offer an exchange for a TV that hadn't even been repaired yet.” Apparently a TV would need to be repaired at least two times before they would even consider an exchange. I said that was fine, but also explained that I needed a resolution to this, since my TV had been out of commission for three out of the four months that I've owned it. Apparently she was an expert technician as well as a customer service rep, because she was able to diagnose the exact part I needed from my description of the problem. She said that Polaroid would be mailing a new control module to me, and that they would schedule a visit with a different repair service to come to my apartment and fix the TV with the new part. This makes me a bit hopeful, but not really.

We'll see what happens in the next week or two.

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