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Well, my TV is finally fixed. It only took about three and a half months, but it's finally fixed. The repair tech come by on Friday and did the repair. I was right too… I watched him do the replacement, and I could have easily done it in the span of about twenty minutes. It took him a bit longer, because he was having trouble getting the back panel to fit back in place like it was.

In any case, it's fixed now, and hopefully for good.

Found it!

Matt and I have this “traditional” method of greeting during IM conversations. I don’t know how it started, but we’ve been doing it for a while. One person starts with “word”, the other responds with “pwnt”. That sequence happened once again today, and I reflected upon it.

Matt: word.
Mike: pwnt
Mike: I have to wonder how many times we've opened up conversations with those two exact words
Matt: haha, i'm sure a mysql query could answer that for you
Mike: heh, yah
Matt: but now i have to wonder exactly how many questions could be answered by mysql queries on your servers. lol
Mike: rofl
Mike: oh you know me too well

I found that rather funny, so I pasted it over to my buddy Justin, who had this to say…

Mike: I just think it's comical that I've got so much logged on my machines
Mike: I had this vision of running a query against a DB on my boxes to solve the dark matter mystery
Justin: haha
Justin: i think your logs ARE the dark matter

Maybe that’s why my servers are so heavy…

So True

Today’s comic at Ctrl-Alt-Del is freakin’ priceless.

Gotta love those product placement deals.

Forward Progress

Ever since I started having relationship troubles with Jessica a month or so ago, the contemplation center of my brain (yah I made that up) has been on overdrive. Before we called it quits and while I was still in the dark about the origins of the situation, that contemplation was focused on the relationship – what I could have done wrong, possible reasons Jessica was being so distant, where I may have fell short. The latter list got uncomfortably long, actually. I couldn’t stop thinking about the situation, day or night. I was useless at work, miserable at home, and couldn’t sleep for shit. It was terribly unhealthy for me.

Since we’ve broken up, I’ve still been contemplating things, but I’m trying to direct that contemplation inward. I’ve been trying to focus on ways that I can move forward and improve myself. I’ve realized a good number of things about myself that I’m not happy with and that I’d like to change. While pondering some of these things, it dawned on me that except for a scant few things, I’ve never really had any concrete goals in my life. Sure, there are things I want to do – some of them I do, some I don’t. I’ve never really made any sort of outline for things that I want to accomplish, however. Because of this, I feel that I have just sort of coasted through life instead of really living it. That’s something I want to change.

To help me accomplish this, I’ve decided to add a page here that lists the things I’d like to see come to fruition in my life. It’s divided into general timeframes, each of which is sorted by importance. It’s my hope that keeping this list out in the open will help keep my goals from being forgotten, and that it will help keep me honest. Right now it’s just a list, but I’ve been considering adding in some functionality for stuff like tracking milestones, or the ability to create a link between content posts and goals to document my progress. That may come one day, but not tonight. I had to create pages to add and edit the goals, which is incredibly tedious for me, and has sapped my motivation to continue further… for now.

This is where I start moving forward.

Strange Observation

I just saw a commercial on TV that says children need to be in a car seat until they've reached the height of 4'9″. That seems pretty tall to me… What about adults that are just short? Do they have to sit in a car seat too? What about the “little people”?

New Look

So I got bored and decided to move things around a bit layout-wise. I'm not sure if I'm finished yet, but I like how things look for the time being.

No More Vacation

Well, I’m back home. Boo. Vacations are never long enough, are they? I suppose not. The remaining few days of the trip were pretty uneventful. My dad and I finished replacing the rotten fence posts on thursday before the rains came. Other than that, my days were consumed with a lot of nothing. Perfect vacation activities.

I’ve got one more picture to post. It took a while to get. There were at least three hummingbirds cruising around the feeder while we were all eating lunch, but when I grabbed my camera, they mysteriously disappeared. I had the camera sitting on the tripod for a good twenty minutes before this guy showed up.

[hummingbird on feeder]

Picture Post!

This one’s nothing but pictures. Enjoy!

More flowers…

[bunch of flowers]

A solitary flower…

[a single flower]

A pile of zebra mussel shells. Watch those feet, they’re sharp!

[zebra mussel shells]

A chipmunk hanging out in the wood shed… I needed the flash for this one, unfortunately.

[a chipmunk]

Mesa, during an apparent drinking binge…

[Mesa in a empty beer box]

Mesa, totally hung over…

[Mesa with hangover]

Days Lacking Labor

Partially because of the aforementioned relationship difficulties, I decided to take a vacation to help clear my head. I hadn’t taken a vacation since before Jessica and I started dating (last October), so I was overdue. My parents have been taking their annual summer vacation around Labor Day for the past few years, so the timing was right.

My initial plan was to head out early on saturday, but that got pushed behind by a late night at work friday night. I ended up getting on the road around 1:30, and made pretty good time except for a twenty minute delay for a RV trailer that became forcibly seperated from the truck pulling it. It was totally smashed on the side of the road, and caused a pretty good delay. Once I was past that, my pace picked up again. I arrived around 5:30, about twenty minutes after my parents arrived. My cousin Carl, his friend Ryder, and Ryder’s wife Missy were already here for the holiday. I was mildly surprised to see that my phone actually got service up here, and quite surprised to see that my phone internet service worked up here, which is allowing me to post this stuff in real time. Yay for technology!

The first few days were quite beautiful weather-wise, with sunny skies, temperatures in the 70s, and no wind or bugs to speak of. Yesterday (Tuesday) was cold and rainy, but nicer weather returned today. We’ve all been pretty lazy for the most part, which perfectly fits the general vacation motif. Today (Wednesday) involved some work of the sweaty and dirty variety. A couple wooden fence posts needed replacing, so my dad and I got to replacing them. We made quick work of the first post, but the second took a long while because it had a two foot diameter ring of concrete surrounding the base of the post about two feet deep in the ground. We ended up having to smash the crap out of it before we could lift the pieces out. What fun! That leaves three posts for tomorrow, weather permitting.

I’ve been taking a good amount of pictures during my trips up and down the beach, and I think I’ve got a few good ones. The first was actually taken inside. My cats discovered this guy before I did, and I think they pestered him for a while before I fought them off for picture taking.


This is a picture of bluicus flowerus, more commonly known as “a blue flower I saw on the beach.” It’s a cropped version of a much larger shot, but this is the best part.


I’ll probably have some more pictures to post over the next few days. Stay tuned.

All Things Must End

I suppose I’m a bit overdue for a real post here. It’s been a while since I posted anything of substance. Sure, I’ve posted updates on the TV saga (which still is not resolved), and the daily status updates, but I’ve been avoiding posting for the most part.

The last few weeks have been pretty difficult for me. Jessica, my girlfriend of nine months, and I had a rough two weeks. Most of it was caused by a lack of communication, and there were a few ugly episodes mixed in. This made things pretty hard on me, since I had no idea what was going on for quite a while. We’ve since had opportunity to discuss things, and we each know where the other stands. We decided to call it quits, and I believe its for the best in the long run. This belief has helped a lot, but I still have plenty of moments where I miss her and the way things were during the good times. I suppose that’s to be expected.

So far we’re still civil and have kept in touch, and I believe that we will continue as friends when the time is right. This is a good thing for me, because I harbor no hard feelings, and still care for her very much.