Days Lacking Labor

Partially because of the aforementioned relationship difficulties, I decided to take a vacation to help clear my head. I hadn’t taken a vacation since before Jessica and I started dating (last October), so I was overdue. My parents have been taking their annual summer vacation around Labor Day for the past few years, so the timing was right.

My initial plan was to head out early on saturday, but that got pushed behind by a late night at work friday night. I ended up getting on the road around 1:30, and made pretty good time except for a twenty minute delay for a RV trailer that became forcibly seperated from the truck pulling it. It was totally smashed on the side of the road, and caused a pretty good delay. Once I was past that, my pace picked up again. I arrived around 5:30, about twenty minutes after my parents arrived. My cousin Carl, his friend Ryder, and Ryder’s wife Missy were already here for the holiday. I was mildly surprised to see that my phone actually got service up here, and quite surprised to see that my phone internet service worked up here, which is allowing me to post this stuff in real time. Yay for technology!

The first few days were quite beautiful weather-wise, with sunny skies, temperatures in the 70s, and no wind or bugs to speak of. Yesterday (Tuesday) was cold and rainy, but nicer weather returned today. We’ve all been pretty lazy for the most part, which perfectly fits the general vacation motif. Today (Wednesday) involved some work of the sweaty and dirty variety. A couple wooden fence posts needed replacing, so my dad and I got to replacing them. We made quick work of the first post, but the second took a long while because it had a two foot diameter ring of concrete surrounding the base of the post about two feet deep in the ground. We ended up having to smash the crap out of it before we could lift the pieces out. What fun! That leaves three posts for tomorrow, weather permitting.

I’ve been taking a good amount of pictures during my trips up and down the beach, and I think I’ve got a few good ones. The first was actually taken inside. My cats discovered this guy before I did, and I think they pestered him for a while before I fought them off for picture taking.


This is a picture of bluicus flowerus, more commonly known as “a blue flower I saw on the beach.” It’s a cropped version of a much larger shot, but this is the best part.


I’ll probably have some more pictures to post over the next few days. Stay tuned.

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