Found it!

Matt and I have this “traditional” method of greeting during IM conversations. I don’t know how it started, but we’ve been doing it for a while. One person starts with “word”, the other responds with “pwnt”. That sequence happened once again today, and I reflected upon it.

Matt: word.
Mike: pwnt
Mike: I have to wonder how many times we've opened up conversations with those two exact words
Matt: haha, i'm sure a mysql query could answer that for you
Mike: heh, yah
Matt: but now i have to wonder exactly how many questions could be answered by mysql queries on your servers. lol
Mike: rofl
Mike: oh you know me too well

I found that rather funny, so I pasted it over to my buddy Justin, who had this to say…

Mike: I just think it's comical that I've got so much logged on my machines
Mike: I had this vision of running a query against a DB on my boxes to solve the dark matter mystery
Justin: haha
Justin: i think your logs ARE the dark matter

Maybe that’s why my servers are so heavy…

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