Running Through The Woods

Huh. Dreams are weird.

Matt: what was your dream about
Mike: heh
Mike: not rightly sure
Mike: like
Mike: I was out in the woods with a group of people, my mom was part of it
Mike: and we were going to this building
Mike: it apparently was a native american museum of some sort
Mike: we go into this place, and are looking at artifacts
Mike: and we go into this room, and there's this big horizontal wheel-lookin thing
Mike: kinda like the wheel of fortune, but without the colors and money
Matt: weird.
Mike: and the indian folks are doing something on the wheel
Mike: kind of a chant thing
Mike: my mom tells me and the other people in the group to sit and watch it, because it'll probably be educational/interesting/etc
Mike: she goes into another room
Mike: and the indians ask us to volunteer in the ritual they're doing
Mike: we're kinda like "nah, that's ok"
Matt: ok
Mike: then the indians get mad
Mike: about then my mom comes back in the room, and we go over to this cash register along the wall
Mike: and the teller proceeds to charge us $8800 for sitting there and watching the ritual
Mike: and I'm like "wtf $8800?!"
Mike: part of the fee was a $1200 babysitting fee
Mike: so we just up and left... indians were shouting at us and shit
Mike: then, in some seperate timeframe, I'm wandering through the woods
Mike: just kickin around
Mike: and I come across the building again when I'm climbing on some rocks
Mike: and the indians see me
Mike: and they start chasing me
Mike: and then I woke up.
Matt: haha, that is really messed up
Matt: dreams are goofy that way i guess
Matt: lol
Mike: yah seriously.

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