Home Theater Equipment Hates Me

So, in an eerie repeat of what happened approximately 9 months ago, my receiver decided to die. It died in the exact same fashion as it did previously, with all S-Video related video channels going south. I'm really getting tired of this crap. I have all of my Home Theater crap running through one of those overly expensive Monster surge supressing and line conditioning power strips, so I can't really believe that my stuff keeps dying due to bad power. Whatever it is, it's pissing me off.

I took it into Circuit City today to get it fixed. This is the third time that it's been taken in and subsequently sent off to their repair centers for the exact same issue. I told the lady at the desk that I wanted a replacement, and as expected, she said that she couldn't do that without receiving a notification from the repair center that it was beyond repair. Talk about crap.

Does anyone know if there is some sort of lemon law that covers stuff like this?

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