Monthly Archives: December 2007

Photographic Evidence

I can throw things with accuracy!

[snowball impacts]

Five throws, four hits in an area maybe four inches wide and eighteen inches tall from about 90 feet. Funny thing is that I was throwing off my porch while grilling up a steak, and there was no room for follow through, so it was all arm.

Goals Update

Reconnect with my guitar – Accomplished! I've been playing pretty regularly over the past few months, and have learned a few songs along the way. I've had the Carvin strung up baritone-style, which has helped learn some In Flames, Dethklok, and Unearth songs. I've added another goal in the Ongoing section to make sure I keep playing.

Buying a house – Yah, that one hasn't done anywhere. My lease is up at the end of the year, so there's no way I'm going to make that happen. I've shifted it to a Medium-Term goal, since I'll probably renew here for another year and give myself the opportunity to look for a place at a more relaxed pace.

Being social – I was doing pretty well with this one for a while, but have been reverting a bit recently. Boo.

Everything else has stayed pretty flat, without much progress or improvement.

That is all.

Wildlife Encroaches

Just caught this guy outside my porch window…

[Hawk #1]

[Hawk #2]

[Hawk #3]

I do enjoy this apartment.


In some of the best music news I’ve heard in a long while, Jon Schaffer recently announced that Matt Barlow is rejoining Iced Earth. I have nothing against Tim Owens whatsoever. He’s a great vocalist. As far as I am concerned, however, Iced Earth is not complete without Matt Barlow on vocals. They are once again whole.

I Am The Winner

The saga with my receiver is over. Circuit City finally decided to give me a new receiver. This was after yet another trip back to their repair facility (its fourth total). I got lucky and had one of the Circuit City folks on my side. I dealt with the same guy on my previous three trips in there, so he was quite familiar with my issue. This meant he was as confused as I am when he brought my old receiver up to me at the customer service desk and it had a “cancelled” sticker on it, indicating that the repair order was cancelled at the repair facility. Apparently they couldn't find the defect. I have to wonder exactly how they tested it, because it was clear as day to me. Attach a video device to a S-Video input, attach display to S-Video monitor out. Observe broken picture. Done.

Anyway, the Circuit City guy agreed that it was pretty shitty that they couldn't find my problem, so he said that if I could demonstrate the issue to a tech there, he would honor the replacement clause of the service plan I bought for the thing. He grabbed one of the senior associate types (who was also very cool), and I showed the issue to him. He agreed that a receiver shouldn't do that, so a new receiver was mine. The replacement plan gave me a $500 store credit, so I got the newest Onkyo receiver model in the same vein as my previous model (TX-SR605), which was $499. This one has a few more goodies like HDMI support, which is cool. I ended up getting the replacement plan on that one as well, since having to go through this whole deal without it would have sucked even more.