More Speed!

In yet another pointless round of code updates to my site, I’ve made most of the site memcache-enabled. Memcache is a client/server system that allows for caching of data that you plan on accessing repeatedly, such as relatively static information from a database. For dynamic sites, this allows you to take a large amount of load off of your database server(s), and instead place that load on memcache, which is going to be faster and less CPU-intensive in just about every case. This makes for happier servers and faster site performance all around.

Why am I doing this? Mainly for the practice. I use memcache in some applications at work, and I’m constantly looking for ways to speed up those applications and make them more efficient. Plus, if I post something really cool and my site gets slashdotted, it will be able to weather the storm much better. I think.

There’s still a few things I have to do yet, but if you look at the little stats area at the bottom of the site layout, you should see that most pages only show a few database queries, and many more memcache hits. There will always be a few database queries per page, but I’m shooting for five or less on each page.

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