A Month

Eeek! It’s been a month since I last updated here. Time flies when you’re … alive. I guess.

I haven’t really been up to all that much. I had a couple of pretty hairy weeks at work where I was called upon to help clean up messes that I did not create. This occured on multiple occasions, and because of which, I was pretty stressed out during those two weeks. Its been better recently though, so I can’t complain a whole lot.

I recently picked up some new pickups for the Carvin, and I’m mighty pleased with how they sound so far. I bought a pre-assembled pickguard on eBay from a guitar store in Florida, and it came loaded with three Lace Sensor pickups. I had a Lace Sensor in the Carvin before the upgrade, and I always liked the way it sounded, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I’ll be updating the guitar page with the new details sometime relatively soon (read: before 2017), and I may post some sound clips for the axe handlers out there.

It seems like I also put some more work into refining the code of the old web site here a few weeks ago. I converted some of the code to handle data objects over to an object-oriented approach using classes, and it’s reminded me how easy they can make things. Instead of having to write code each time I want to say, make a form to add new content or submit new comments, I can just call methods on the class object. A few calls to something like $ContentObject->setTitle('OMG Wheee!'); and a $ContentObject->commit(); sure as hell beats a bunch of SQL statements.

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