Monthly Archives: March 2008


I sure love me some vacation. I've been taking it nice and easy throughout the week, with only a meager amount of annoying things present. It's very nice.

I spent the past weekend down in Indianapolis with Andre, Chris, Darin, Guy, Guy's son Leo, and Andre's Indianapolis crew. It was a great time. We made pretty good time getting down there, and wasted little time before heading out for some drinking fun. One of the bars not too far from Andre's place has a pretty nice selection of beer on tap (50 different beers), and we made it our goal that night to try each one. We had ten guys total, and we split one pint worth of each beer up so that each guy got his fair share. It ended up being roughly 1-2 shots worth of each kind of beer. We tore through all the different beers in roughly 2.5 hours, which really isn't that bad. That was plenty enough for us old folk, so we headed back to Andre's after a side trip to McDonald's. We all took great pleasure in teaching Leo the 'real' name for McDonalds – “Dirty Ron's”. Hopefully he uses that term frequently.

Saturday was another drinking day. Andre had a bunch of his buddies over for beer, grilling, and drinking games. The main attraction was a beirut tourney. We had enough guys for 6 teams, which is just right really. Andre and I lost our first game, but tore through the losers bracket, winning our way to the finals. We ended up losing to Darin's team, but it was a strong showing. The day took a nasty turn when Guy stepped on a water pipe in Andre's closet while fishing for the controls on a receiver buried therein, and broke it. Water was spraying everywhere, which necessitated a trip under the house for Andre to shut down the water inlet. It made quite a mess, and Andre was not too pleased. We tried to keep the spirit alive, but having to go to the bathroom outside seemed to dampen everyone's sprits.

Sunday was rather abbreviated. Since none of us could take showers, we decided to get on the road pretty early. While we were packing up, Andre's uncle-in-law (a plumber) came by to help Andre get his water system squared away. We got news later in the day that Andre got everything fixed, which made Guy feel better.

I've been pretty worthless since I got back into town… perfect for vacation. I've been doing a whole lot of nothing, with a few bits and pieces of responsibility mixed in. I cleaned my kitchen pretty thoroughly yesterday, which amounted to one of the ten or so things I have on my cleaning list for the week. Hopefully I'll get to the rest of them before I have to head back to work. The kitchen was the worst part though, by far. It really needed the cleaning.

Busy Busy Busy

I've been pretty occupied with work lately. I've been busy putting the finishing touches on a project that will be unleashed on the masses within the next week or two. I put in a lot of hours trying to meet a deadline that ended up being meaningless because others involved went on vacation before finishing their parts. That's fine though. It gives me more time to solidify my end of things, which is never a bad thing.

Also in the work front, I've been given what most would consider a pretty significant promotion. I've been made the head of new department that, for all intents and purposes, is a R&D group primarily focused on bringing innovative products and services to the customers. I'm the only member of the group right now, but others will start filling in sooner rather than later. This role also puts me in a position where I'll be (along with another senior member of the company) overseeing the progress and direction of most (if not all) projects, company-wide. In ways, it's a pretty big change from my previous role of hiding in the shadows and making things happen, but at the same time, it's really not. I'll still be making things happen that most people aren't even aware of, but I'll also be someone's boss. That's definitely a first for me. If anyone's got any helpful advice, be sure to share.

In other news, I'll be taking a well-deserved vacation starting this coming friday. Chris and Darin have somehow found a way to free themselves from their better halves for the weekend, so we're headed down to Andre's for the weekend for some old school debauchery. It sounds like Andre has a full itinerary planned for us, and judging by the list of things I saw yesterday morning, we'll be lucky if we make it out alive. I await the challenge. My liver, however, would be wise to prepare its defenses while it has the opportunity.