Update From the Team of One

It seems that posting here regularly is getting more and more problematic. It seems as though I’m busy a lot of the time, but most of the stuff I’m busy with is mundaine and would be boring to talk about, or its stuff that shouldn’t be talked about in a public forum. I’ve been a lot busier with human-oriented things at work as opposed to the purely technical side of things. It’s definitely taking a while to get accustomed to. I still lack team members for my group, but that’s my fault as much as anybody else’s. I still need to come up with a list of qualifications that are required/desired for people interested in joining the team. It seems easy enough to do, but every time I think of it, I come up with more and more items to put on that list. It may be a never-ending task… 🙂

Other than work, there isn’t a whole lot of things going on. I’ve been doing some more playing with AoE/Xen at home, and have succeeded in getting some things working that should open some doors regarding what I can do with those tools, but that’s a subject for another post… One with drawings and diagrams. 🙂

Oh yah… It’s getting warm! Yay for spring!

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