Quick Update

Touching on a few things from my last post

Moving the bed to the other bedroom seems to have helped. I’ve slept pretty well the past few days. This is a good thing.

I was finally able to get the firmware on my RAID card updated. It only took about 5 hours worth of time, 5 wasted CD-ROMs, and a lot of annoyance. The result? The RAID array rebuilt itself for two days (pretty damn long for an array of that size), and the card promptly kernel panicked upon reaching 100% on the rebuild process. At least it didn’t start over again like it had in the past.

I think I might need professional help. This morning, I built a small cardboard baffle (?) to direct air out of a HVAC duct towards the servers in my closet. People more sane than myself would probably say things like “you should have fewer computers”, “why do you have so many computers?”, or even the dreaded “you’re freakin’ weird!” I, however, build cardboard ducting.

[cardboard baffle]

I also caught this guy outside my window the other morning. I’m surprised the picture came out so clear… the window I took the picture through is dirty as hell.

[a bluejay on a branch]

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